the flavour road

One of the current aims of the town of Camerata Cornello is to promote a local food and crafts production system and enhance the options for sampling local food products available to tourists through the establishment of a Via del Gusto including producers and traders who make and sell traditional local products.

Using the QR code, either online or on-site, tourists will be informed of the location of the main local producers that have joined the Camerata Via del Gusto, the product production phases, guided tours and any educational workshops at the companies. In this way, traditional tourism will be enhanced  by the offers made available by local companies.

For those who love to be fully immersed in the territory, the Centre offers the opportunity to enjoy a day tour giving you the chance to experience the authentic culture and tastes of the area, and a list of companies participating in the gastronomic and artisan circuit of the Via del Gusto, a route devoted entirely to local flavours, which will allow you to get information about, taste and buy the products of excellence in the area.