The area of Camerata contains  unforgettable wonders and views marked by the sounds of nature, far away from chaos and crowds. The village of Tassi brings with it the story of a branch of the Tasso family that in the 14th century separated from the Cornello family and settled in this small hamlet.

A short distance upstream  from Tassi, you will find an ancient mill, a small gem hidden in the valley with the same name, which takes us back to ancient times marked by the rhythm of the seasons, adapted to suit the  farming activities of the people of the area (or place).

For centuries the Camerata community has lived from agriculture and livestock, which has helped make the Brembana Valley famous for producing excellent cheeses such as Taleggio cheese, Formai de mut, Branzi, goat cheese, Formaggella, Agri of Valtorta, Stracchino and Bitto