historical streets

The Centre is located along the old Via Priula, built between 1592 and 1594 when Bergamo was the strategic outpost of the Republic of Venice. It was for a long time the link between Venice and the territories of Grigioni: Via Priula replaced the older Via Mercatorum, used for hundreds of years as an internal link, and was a strategic instrument for the international connection interests expressed by the Venetian government.

From Bergamo the Via Mercatorum went up to Selvino and continued to Trafficanti, Serina, Dossena, San Giovanni Bianco, Cornello, Piazza, Olmo, Averara, Val Moresca and the current San Marco Pass to reach Valtellina and continued towards the areas of the Grigioni.

The Via Mercatorum was the main commercial trading route for Valtellina, from the 13th century until its end (end of the 16th century), which resulted from  the construction of the ambitious Via Priula (1592-1594), which excluded Cornello from the mercantile route

At the time, Priula offered a new opportunity for direct communication between the Padana plain and central Europe, avoiding the route that passed the Lake of Lecco, controlled by the Habsburgs. Continuing along the Priula in the territory of Camerata, between Orbrembo and Baracca, you will be able to see the church of the Saint dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, whose extraordinary location at the base of a rocky spur makes it quite suggestive and singular.