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The activities on offer in Camerata Cornello's are closely linked to those of the other towns in the valley that have  just as many wonders and treasures to discover. At San Pellegrino Terme, there are the Grand Hotel, the Casino, the liberty villas immersed in the surrounding hills and relaxation offered by the new and welcoming spa.

Near San Giovanni Bianco you must stop at the village of Oneta, which tradition identifies as the origin of the harlequin mask, with a few rustic houses, the noble Palazzo Grataroli and the little church of Carmine, which houses some paintings by the painter Carlo Ceresa.

In the area of Parina Valley near Dossena there are the interesting mines of Paglio Pignolino, perhaps one of the oldest mining areas in the Bergamo mountains, with its delightful pathways through the mine.