cespedosio ed era

From Brembella an easy mule track leads you to the Lavaggi, the Boffalora bird snare and then from the Torre, to two important villages: Era and Cespedosio.

Era and Cespedosio are the oldest peasant villages in Camerata Cornello, located 1070 metres above sea level at the foot of Mount Venturosa boasting a height of 1999 metres, offering amazing views that allow you to admire the area in its entirety.

In the area you will find precious mushrooms in the meadows and the woods nurtured in long silence and you can go for beautiful excursions to the pastures of Campo, Campelli, Pra' del Monte and Baita Maffenoli.

Cespedosio is one of the oldest hamlets in the area of Camerata. Here stands the rural church of Saint Dominic, surrounded by a beautiful churchyard, its square and plastered stone façade features a pointed archway door with a lively stone border, surmounted by an oculus.

This location is rich in rocks belonging to the Triassic formation of red limestone, and it is here in the centuries-old quarries of Serino and Scaravino, that the particular and precious Arabescato Orobico marble is extracted.

Slightly downstream there are other suggestive rural villages such as Bruga and Valsecca Valley crossed by a mule track with an enchanting Romanesque stone bridge.

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