canerata and its valley

Camerata Cornello is located in the province of Bergamo in the heart of the Brembana Valley.

The Brembana Valley extends north/west of Bergamo for a total area of 643.69 square km.

The valley is characterised by a varied, impervious physical formation with substantial variations in altitude and a steep valley crossed by the river after which the valley is named: the Brembo. It is 71.5 km long and originates in the western part of the Bergamasque Alps, running along the valley and flowing into the river Adda as a tributary from the left, in the village of Canonica d'Adda.

The Brembo blesses the valley with wonderful waterfalls, small lakes, beautiful fish such as brown and rainbow trout, minnows, marble trout, graylings, arctic chars and shrimps.

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