bretto basso

Welcome to the village of Bretto, a small jewel located along the slopes of Mount Venturosa.

The village is made up of two small and characteristic inhabited centres Bretto Basso and Bretto Alto.

Here some of the members of the Tasso family who worked in the service of the Serenissima Courier Company settled down. The old Tasso palace stands out in Bretto Basso, overlooking a small square along with other buildings that were part of the palace. Restored in 1980, it has kept its original structure and a fresco on the main façade representing the family consisting of the family coat of arms with a badger, a horn, an eagle and a tower, referring to the German house of Thurn und Taxis, which in the 17th century had acquired a princely title.

The palace was embellished by Maffeo Tasso, major courier of the Serenissima Courier Company, who lived from 1596 to 1677and his brother Luigi, canon of the cathedral of Bergamo.

On the road that connects Bretto Basso with Bretto Alto there is the church dedicated to Saint Ludovico of Angiò, Bishop of Toulouse, restored and made safe in 2007. It is a church with one nave, a double sloping roof and bell tower perching on the upstream side. The façade has a pointed archway door overhung by a lunette for light and two windows at the sides of the portal.

It was probably built in the middle of the 14th century, subjected to embellishments and extensions between the 15th and 16th centuries by will of the Tasso family who had the righteous patronage, that is, they had rights and duties on the church: the bond of the Tasso family with this church is witnessed by the frescoes with its coat of arms on the downstream side of the building. Internally, the building houses a rich cycle of frescoes that appeal to devotion and the truth of faith.

A group of paintings depicts a Saint Defendent in fifteenth-century clothes with a donor on the north wall of the aisle; a Madonna nursing the Child with a donor, on the north wall of the presbytery is Saint Vincent Ferrer  and Saint Anthony Abbot painted on the opposite wall; the Pantocrator Christ with the symbols of the Evangelists is placed on the vault of the presbytery.

Recently, other frescoed figures have been discovered behind the altarpiece: a Trinity, a Madonna on the throne, Saint Ludovico of Toulouse, a Christ with the Magdalene, and another unidentified saint. On the right side of the presbytery, however, is a Madonna nursing the Child, Saint. Sebastian, Saint Bartholomew and a donor.  According to what is written in a cartouche, the works were done by a painter from the Averara Valley, possibly identifiable as Jacopino Scipioni or one of the Baschenis.

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