Brembella di sopra is a small sunlit hamlet below Cancervo which allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the valley and San Giovanni Bianco.

The church of Saint  James the Apostle is separate and in a higher position compared to the town. It is a single-aisle church with a double-sloped roof and a stone-faced tower on the upstream side. The façade is basic: it consists of a pointed archway door surmounted by an oculus, both with a lively stone contour. The simple and sober nature of the building can also be identified in the decentralization of façade components compared to the central axis.

The church of Saint James overlooks the magnificent bird snare Roccolo Canali, testimony to the secular local material culture. The bird snares represent one of the most beautiful and characteristic elements of the Brembana Valley. The use of bird snares, used for catching birds, represented a supplementary source of livelihood for the poor rural economy in medieval times.

Masonry and wood made up the basic structure for the toll tower, which generally had a turret shape equipped with a terrace where a birdman was assigned to watch for the arrival of the birds.

From the toll tower there was a double row of semi-circular trees with their tops joined to form a gallery with a frame inside to which the nets were attached. Cages were placed in the round part with birds acting as a lure. Today, this type of hunting is strictly forbidden and the remaining bird snares are used for observing the migratory flow of avifauna.

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