Holidays, leisure and sport. The Brembana Valley is enlivened by a myriad of events for all tastes: evening dances, gastronomic meetings, concerts, theatre shows, popular festivals, games, sports, competitions, educational meetings, exhibitions, markets, guided tours and hikes.

There are countless opportunities to taste traditional products with important initiatives to promote local production.

The Cultural Centre "Mercatorum and Priula/Routes of migrants, artists, the Tasso family and Harlequins" has been organising a summer theatre festival dedicated to the “Commedia dell’Arte”  in the towns of Camerata, Cornello, Dossena and San Giovanni Bianco since 2015.

Camerata is also home to cultural heritage guided tours that allow you to pass through and admire all the places of historical interest in the region with the help of local expert guides.

The town regularly organises a series of theatrical events, itinerant shows, thematic events and markets with zero mileage products and handicrafts.

The Tasso family and Postal History Museum, the main milestone of the visit, tells the story of the Tasso family who linked its name to these places and their postal courier activities that, from the sixteenth century, managed the post for the Habsburgs.

The Museum is very active in the area, periodically organising numerous exhibitions and educational activities dedicated mainly to children and their families. In September, it organises the Tassio Days, the periodic event dedicated to studying and updating the family history, the postal history and the activities carried out by the Museum and the Association of Friends of The Tasso and Postal History Museum. It is an opportunity for scholars, philatelists, enthusiasts, browsers and people interested in the activities of the Museum to meet and exchange ideas and projects.

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